Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Itchy ankles in the night

dream time post!!! two dreams actually both had me waking up rather weirded out.

the other night i dreamed that i got a dog. fairly mid size, short ears, goofy mouth, black and dark brown colors, and thick coat. not the kind of dog i want, but a dog none the less. the dog was a she and throughout the dream i was deciding on a name for her. i was going through a really weird area in my dream, and she got hurt. she wasn't walking right, that had me worried, so I carried her home. i gave her a bowl of water and some food but she wouldn't touch it. then she said, "Sorry I can't stick around."

then i woke up. stupid dreams making me think i have something when i don't!

the dream i just woke up from 15 minutes ago took place on top of a mountain. it look like it was pretty much a resort for the gods. the rooms had either large glass windows with huge curtains or dark mahogany wood for walls. there were small ponds in the back of the rooms to chill in, but there were some weird things in them like urchins, eels, lily pads and the water was weirdly murky. then you walk out from the rooms; there's the pool area, the dining area, salon, bigger deal god rooms and whatever else you'd find at resorts. i was a lesser god but i could turn into different animals. no real complaints there. i was living in one of the rooms with the weird pond shits and was trying to get them to leave.
then all the gods went to this different part of the mountain that was a type of spring/pond thing with crazy looking water creatures. the trees were tall and thin, but not threatening looking. there was some marsh grass too. the water was super clear and you could see every thing in it. thesse creatures could talk and one spiky looking shit said the water/ocean goddess was hanging with them inside a shell and she needed help to get out on her own. i took the shell from the weird thing and opened it and in a extravagant way, the goddess of the ocean came to all her glory. she looked like something right out of a gustav klimt painting, awesome. the other gods didn't seem to please to she her and she knew this. she also had a kind of bummed out look on her face.
back at the resort, all the other gods were kinda being jerks to ocean goddess. there were schemes too. for some reason some mortal was there asking questions about the ocean goddess, and how she came back. i didn't tell her shit. then i went back to my room to try and fix the situation in my gross pond. and the ocean goddess was waiting for me in there.
she went on about thanking me for releasing her back into the world but some shit was going to go down and soon. apparently the other big deal gods sealed her away into the shell because of a disagreement so that they could wreak havoc on the world below. when i brought her back, they were all pretty pissed about it. the goddess explained to me that she had to be sealed away in a shell again and released when the time was right. before i could say anything, she fucking put herself back in a goddamn shell, IN THE GROSS POND WATER!!!! i then had to find her shell and hide it somewhere in my room.
afterwards, i went out around the resort trying to figure out who were the schemers. i boiled it down to a few and i found out who i could trust among the big deals and the other little gods like me. i then went back to my room to get the shell, but IT WAS GONE!!! Who the fuck took the fucking shell?! I'm freaking out now, i run to the other part of the resort the ask for help. one god saw that it was on a table where the big deal god schemers were. i casually walked over to ask if they needed anything else and cleared away their plates from some food they ate. i took the shell and hide it in my pocket. one of the gods caught on and pursued me through the pool. eventually got away and brought back the shell to my cohorts. one was be tricky so i gave him a decoy shell to hide while i had the real one. then sky turned crazy black, with the sun still out. that shit looks scary.
all the gods rushed out to see what the fuck going on. the earth started to rise up violently and ocean was writhing like a bitch. then the gods took on a bird formation and one of the gods gave a quick tutorial on how to fly in a group formation for those who never have before like me! on the side one of the scheming gods was on the phone with the mortal who was there and asking questions before. the god was all like "Couldn't find the shell sorry." and the mortal was all like "well just get your ass out of there now!" then that god bounced.
after the tutorial, we all got ready to fly together. there was this god behind me that was looking for his good luck charm. i tied it around his neck when we found it. then we got into formation and started to turn into birds. the sky was really fucking scary looking, clouds came tumbling in and were a like brown color and they were warping around over and over. we finally took off and saw the type of destruction the world was in. like apocalypse style stuff.
The rain was coming down really hard, making it difficult to fly. the ocean rose to an insane height. the statue of liberty was up to her neck in water and people were still trying to get to safety in the taller buildings. i kept seeing people's facing drowning in brown murky water.
i then landed somewhere and took out the shell the ocean goddess was in and begged her to come out and she asked me, "what's the use?" and i started to cry and sing at same time begging her because she was going to save us. i then dumped out then contents of the shell into the water hoping she'd do something and i kept crying and singing as the world was ending around me.

Then I woke up, rather exhausted from the whole experience.

That was a lot.

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