Saturday, August 23, 2008

doo dung a lung

i will say that i am slightly drunk about now. i'm sitting on my couch at home. i have to go to bed soon, because i'll be waking up early to go to the beach with my mom and sister. girls day out i would say. there will be a lot of bickering in our future, but it's not like i'm not prepared. hopefully mary and i will lay drunk under the sun, and my mom putting up with our shit and vice versa.

on another note, i start school in less than a week. i am both excited to start again, see friends again, have my own room, and have my own bathroom. i really want to apply myself this year and do some self discovery with my work. sometimes i feel like i'm fucking up entirely, like i will be a failure and never do anything with my life. i am better off then some people, but not by much.

fuck it, but let's do dis shet.

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