Thursday, September 4, 2008

baby bay

school has started up again so this thing will probably have more entries because it will be part of my procrastination process. so far, my classes look to be a lot of fun but tons of work. that should be expected because it is senior year for me. shit!

evan has made me second in command for static fish. he is going to be able to kick my ass this year but it's going to be for the best. responsibility, say it with me.

i've been getting really obsessed with the different flavors and possibilities of oysters. i looked up how flavors come about in the oysters due to the water's temperature. i'm pretty much going to take myself out on a date to the oyster bar in grand central. people can come along, but they're on their own when we get there.

toodark just brought me mac -n- cheese from 5 spot.

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