Saturday, January 24, 2009

mental note

why do i keep forgetting that i LOVE Isabella Rossellini? she's so awesome, smart, and funny.

i first came to know of Isabella my sophomore year here at pratt. i was a taking a photo class as a studio elective when one day i had the option to work on my photos or see a movie with the film majors. i saw the movie. the movie was "The Saddest Music in the World" she played lady helen port-huntley. it was love at first sight. but it was fleeting and i soon forgot her name.

my second encouter was watching 30rock. ILOVE30ROCK!!! and she was in two episodes! playing jack's ex wife! AND IT WAS AWESOME!

by this point i am smitten with isabella. i look forward to see anything with her in it.

and then a surprise...

she does a couple of shorts on how insects reproduce called green porno. done. i'm obsessed. love her.

yea, she's great.

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