Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh lucky you

i haven't updated this thing in awhile so i'll do a quicky update shit blah blah cock.

elliot's mom came into town last week. i met up with his mom, his brother and elliot at MoMA. i just wandered around with them looking at my usual favorites of OOF, but hippopotamus poison was in storage.

so i was a little sad that it wasn't out and the air in the museum was making me sleepy. then while elliot's mom and i were looking at picasso's pieces... i saw John Krasinski! i looked again to make sure i wasn't seeing things, and it really was him! like a typical fan girl i turned around and ran squealing away. i am so cool.

last weekend was july 4th weekend so elliot, the family and i made our way down to maryland to spend it with the rest of the likes of us. it involved drinking beers, eating crabs, eating clams, swimming, looking at weird shit, drinking beer, swimming, eating pie, eating crabs, rowing in the bay, wine tasting, eating clams, beerpong(lame), meeting the newest edition to the family Max, swimming, passing out, looking at fireworks, exploring, drinking, eating, and laughing.

i got real drunk the night before we had to go home. i painted my toenails drunk thinking it was a great idea at the time. i passed out in the bed i was sharing with my mom, she thought i died and checked my pulse, but i'm just a real heavy sleeper when i get stupid drunk. the next morning i was still drunk and the only words i uttered were, "i'm still drunk."

tuesday night, elliot, toodark, and i went to see Wet Hot American Summer at McCarren Park Pool. i haven't seen the movie in a long time, so it was really fucking funny.

nothing much else but i really want this dress.


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