Monday, July 21, 2008


i had a good weekend. i was really drunk on a large supply of beer running around coney island like a moron. i probably annoyed a lot of people, but i don't care because i was having lots of fun. i think i drank around two gallons of alcohol throughout the day. i got to eat a dozen of clams, so good. i peed in the ocean twice. and met a rabbit mermaid. weird fucking day man.

yesterday i moved out most of my stuff from my apartment. afterwards my mom, sister and i got lunch together. the restaurant wasn't well ventilated and was real hot inside. afterwards we went to a thrift store and i bought a dress and went to a flea market where my sister got herself a dress too. overall, good day.

elliot is california, i miss him terribly but i can have a good time with out him.

and i'm soooooooooo fucking pumped about this!!!

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