Tuesday, January 8, 2008


after listening to Michael Showalter's Sandwich Commandments, i made myself a sandwich. a BLT to be more specific. it was my second one today, the first one i bit a large part of the inside of my cheek while chewing. i can feel the flab of skin in my mouth with my tongue.

i got my driver's license renewed today. the ladies at the DMV are really nice.

i go back to brooklyn tomorrow. mary is coming with me and spending the day with her friend bart from school. my only concern is how she is going to get back. i'm beginning to think that i'm too protective over her but it's only because i think she acts really stupid sometimes. she may just be able to take care of herself....nah.

i should finish packing. and shower.
ugh why do i feel like i'm not living for anything right now?

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