Saturday, January 12, 2008

the joy

i've been back in brooklyn since wednesday. i saw pat off on wednesday night. he's staying home for the semester until he goes to study abroad in germany. i'm not sure if it's at the bauhaus but where else would it be?

elliot and i watched nicholas cage's debut film sonny last night. it was alright.

i really like this dress off of topshop. i buy a lot of dresses, but i do it on impulse and never wear them because i think i look awkward in them. so they just sit in my closet until i try them on once in a while when i'm bored. and that's it. but i think i would look nice in this one. meh i dunno i like dresses.

classes start on monday, my internship doesn't start until february now. i'm going to use my time wisely now for once.

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